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Wenzhou Zentele Co.,Ltd is a joint-venture enterprise established in January of 2002 by China and France according to" the Enterprise Law of joint-venture of the People's Republic of China" Chinese side holding stock and with 4 million dollars of registered capital 
  The company is located in Wenzhou new high-tech industrial park with 33000 square meters of floor space. The first-term of construction project was completed at the beginning of 2003, the area of production factory building that has been operation is 8000 square meters, thereinto, the scientific research building for new high-tech products study and developing is more than 3000 square meters. There are 122 employees now in the company, the number of the administration staff is 20 among them, and that of the production workers is 64, nearly 40 scientific and technical personnel and all kinds of professional personnel. They are mainly engaged in the research and manufacture of the products related with photoelectron, main item and products including micro-mechanical fiber optical switch, high-low voltage complete set of equipments and soft starter for industrial control and equipment protection ,etc
  The company is now acting as cooperative partner of the national modernized optical instrument key laboratory and the light and electromagnetic wave research center of Zhejiang university. Through the development of nearly two years, the products of optical switch, couplers with single mould and multiple moulds, DWDM and EDFA for optical-communication have been coming out in marketing. The company has already become the leading manufacturer of optical- communication field of Zhejiang Province. 
  The company still put into the high-low voltage complete set of equipment ranks of manufacture of electric apparatus to accelerate developing electric power undertaking of our country actively while developing all optical-communication industry; the second-term construction project will be start in April this year and the standard factory building nearly 2000 square meters, employee education training building and workers' apartment will be built up in the year, which is a powerful guarantee in absorbing talent, insisting on development in science and technology and creating bright future. 
  The company is a high-new technical enterprise being full of vigor, enterprising constantly and keeping steadiness, walking along the steady routes of" high technology, high quality, high efficiencies" continually, and will be showing great foresight to walk down straight to bright future bravely.